Mzvee Cannot Perform Tracks She Recorded Under Lynx Entertainment Anymore?

Madam Vera Hamenoo-Gbedaa popularly known as Mzvee has been prohibited from using any of her songs she had with her former label on any platform.

An unconfirmed news reaching the tables of has revealed that Mzvee never wrote a single track when she was with the label and a such, had no rights over the songs especially the lyrics.

All her songs are either bought online or written by songwriter.

However, it has been alleged that Mzvee has accepted a ‘360 deal’ from the company , which means, the company will provide financial, promotional, marketing and more support for the artist and in return, be given a percentage of the increment in the streams of the songs online, shows, and contracts from the artist.

Mzvee went off the active scene for almost two years after spending a decade or so with her former label. Industry players said their says ; been pregnant, have sour relationship with label mates, etc. which the songstress nullified during her recent radio tour for her new single ‘Sheriff‘.