Medikal Goes Public For Fella

When everyone thinks it’s over between Fella and Medikal, one party seems not ready to let go inspite of all the deaf ears paid to his pleas .

So the FellaMedi show still continues as Medikal jumps onto twitter this morning to beg her publicly.

Hey @fellamakafui_ since you haven’t blocked me on Twitter I know you will definitely see this ! Listen,I love you, I want us to start a family together ! People make mistakes ! Nobody be perfect. Will prove to you and the whole world I will be a better man for you and our kids ❤️

There is 50% probability for these two to come back together, because Fella promised to reveal some secrets about the relationship but when Medikal and his boss Criss Waddle visited her and her shop, she couldn’t ‘blow’ the secret anymore. No one knows what went on inside.

That’s our guess from per how things are unfolding.