Medikal Exposed By German company For Wearing Fake Rolex

Ghanaian rap artist Medikal is the latest celebrity to have been busted for allegedly wearing and displaying a fake Rolex watch.

Known as a watchdog on any jewelry worn on the wrist, a German company, Munichwristbusters revealed checks on a Rolex Datejust worn by Medikal and shared on Instagram to his over 2.3 million followers was not original.

The company which sells original watches revealed its intent is not to shame people but to sanitize the system since “the annual damage caused by brand and product piracy is estimated at 56 billion euros for German companies alone.”

It also states that “Counterfeit branded goods damage the economy, because product pirates themselves do not bear any entrepreneurial risk and also do not have to bear any costs for the development of new products. Instead, they illegally use other people’s ideas and reproduce the goods in inferior quality.”

Medikal, the Ghanaian rapper is not the only individual to have been busted for wearing a fake watch.


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On March 22, 2021, Medikal shared an image of himself on Instagram wearing the said fake watch with the caption ‘Low-key be the highest key but Monni key.’


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