Little Boy Puffing Shisha Shocks Netisens

Little Boy Puffing Shisha Shocks Netisens
Little Boy Puffing Shisha Shocks Netisens has come across a very brood video of a young boy among grown-ups puffing shisha as they cheer him on.

Per his pro skills in the puffing, you can tell it is an act he is being indulged in over a long term probably behind closed endorsed by his guardians.

Norms and beliefs that used to guide the African community are gradually falling off as many African parents are now bringing their young ones in a western way, which is very odd in the eyes of the African norms.

Also, what many seems to have forgotten is that being a parent it’s not just about having intercourse and giving birth to humans, giving them foods and shelter but nurturing the offspring’s social, mental, and psychological perception as apart do the parental duty which defines what the child becomes in the future.


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