Lady Almost Used For Sakawa By Boyfriend Narrates Her Story.

A pretty Nigeria lady named Ameera Yusuf narrates how his rich ritualist boyfriend nearly used her for rituals [ sakawa ]

According to Ameera, she met a rich young man and ended up dating him. But it turned out the man was a ritualist (Yahoo Boy).

The said Yahoo boy invited her on a trip to check his real estate properties in a different state.

Unknown to the Slay Queen, the man wanted to sacrifice her. She was led into a deep forest and tied down by the boyfriend, his friends, and a fetish priest.

The Slay Queen was only rescued by a team of policemen who were chasing armed robbers who had fled into the same bush.

Ameera Yusif shared her story with her followers on social media to serve as a warning to other women who are just following rich young men. Read the story below



I hope her last words serve their purpose to any lady reading this story. Life is too short to be lazy and be relying on someone whose source of income you know nothing about.

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