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Kalybos Speaks On Being Poisoned



Kalybos Speaks On Being Poisoned 2 » Best Tech News, Gadgets, FinTech and Telco news.

Comic actor Richard Asante aka Kalybos has responded to a viral video that claims he has being poisoned.

During the early hours of today, the Personal Assistant of the actor posted a video of him dusted in his own vomits. You can watch the video here.

According to him. he was shooting a movie titled ‘think smart”

The video has finally caught his attention and he reacted via his IG handle:


These news circulating that KALYBOS has been poisoned. Please and Please it’s not TRUE and it’s a false story. It’s a scene from the Movie ‘THINK SMART’ same movie that came up saying I got married which was also not TRUE. I beg of you, all these so acclaimed Bloggers and Reports… your first action to such rumors should be a direct confirmation from the person before publicizing such stories. Life is important you don’t play with them. How I wish some foreign laws apply in this country… I would have sue some idiots and be rich. God bless us all…”


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