Jehovah Witness Parents Refuses Medication For Sick Baby.

A Nigerian couple rejects blood transfusion for their sick little daughter on religious bases.

The couple claimed their belief is against blood transfusion which seems to be the only means to save the life of their dying little Precious through treatment. JM

Precious is suffering a condition called Hydrocephalus, ( a build-up of fluid deep in the cavities of the brain, which causes the head to swell up and gradually damages the brain). This is also called Water on the brain.

Little Precious in the hands of her Jehovah Witness father

Based in the Sapele, Delta State of Nigeria, these Jehovah Witness parents always lock the sick little girl indoors to prevent a medical assistance which will demand a blood transfusion in the process.

According to them, they can’t accept any medical assistance that will require blood transfusion for their daughter because it is against their belief as Jehovah Witness worshippers.

‘…we have done our best,’ – the father added after he was about his fate for his daughter.

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