James Gardiner Writes A Touching Letter To John Dumelo.

Despite some actors and actresses’ revolt against John Dumelo in his quest to occupy the Member of Parliament seat for Ayawaso West Wuogon, one James Gardiner deems it applaudable to see a creative person vying for the position hence a beautiful letter to the actor.

He touted the Ayawaso West Wuogon NDC Parliamentary Candidate’s  [ John Dumelo] numerous and donations and efforts to put smiles on the faces of his constituents. James Gardiner, who believes in John Dumelo said he will be proud of himself at the end of it all. Read the full letter here;

Dear John,
I hope you are doing well and staying safe. I decided to make this letter public because I would like for everyone who isn’t paying attention to see how driven and relentless you are in vying for a challenging position of service to mankind. I’ve known you for many years but this is beyond friendship. If there’s one thing I would commend u about, it would be your spirit of resilience and how you make it look so effortless!!! How do you do it? I know you’ve had some downs, but you don’t stay down, you get back up, dust yourself off, and keep moving. We learn from our mistakes.

Kofi, I’m sure a lot of people would doubt you in your quest to become the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso West Wougon Constituency but I know that, that even rekindles your energy to keep you going. It started as a dismissal conversation, then you won the primaries, and then the reality set in! You didn’t just get here overnight. It’s the passion you’ve had also for politics.

It is glaringly obvious you have done more than enough to set an example of service to humanity. Though you are not an MP yet, you have, in your own little way shown a glimpse of hope in the good things you are setting out to do for the people. Donation of laptops to students, Startup Capitals for the needy to start their businesses, a Mushroom Initiative as an employment avenue. Your donations and your dedication during these ‘not so ordinary’ times have been remarkable! You were there during the fire outbreak and during the flood times.

You were there to give a helping hand whenever and wherever you could. You’ve always been there. And for that I say Ayekoo!! A lot of people may say that all the good works you’ve done are a desperate solicitation for votes, but I pray you to stay true to your course, yourself, and the people. You present another opportunity to show and prove that creatives are layered people of substance (and more than just ‘entertainers’) I hope that in the end, after all this is over, you would proudly stand in your office, look back at the toil and sweat ushed and tell your constituents and yourself, ‘We did it.’ Get to work already John! We move! ✊🏾 #Idey4u

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