It Is Ending In Tears For Funny Face As Adebayor Unfollows Him.

Emmanuel Adebayor is really tired of Funny Face. He has unfollowed him on Instagram due to his frequent nuisance on the media.

Since Funny Face did not listen to Emmanuel Adebayor’s advice on attacking his critics via social media, he has unfollowed him.

Togolese professional footballer who plays as a striker Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor has punished Funny Face by cutting ties with him.

Funny has for some time now been jabbing his haters on Instagram.

He constantly posts videos of himself behaving like what others would term ‘childishly’. That caused Adebayor to at a point in time, blast him.

Funny Face continued with his attacks and that has forced his best friend who once gifted him two cars to dwag him.

It is unclear if he will accept him back as a friend or otherwise.

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face has taken to Instagram to apologize to Emmanuel Adebayor for disrespecting him.


Commenting on his heartbreak, Funny Face humbly blamed Adebayor’s action on himself. He pleaded for mercy and indicated that he is ever ready to be a better man.

He wrote a lengthy post apologizing for his childish acts

“Ghana dis is me .. NaNa Yaw Oduro Boateng .. I can never be somebody am not .. been through a whole lot from last year November till today a.. my ex girlfriend says I have frauded her 53,000 dollars because I said I won’t marry her again .. reasons known to me and my family .. fast forward friends turnkng into enemies .. now me and my baby mama drama .. my twins dat I will even lay down my life for was taking away from me ..

Funny Face

I couldn’t say certain things or release some videos cos no matter what .. she is da mother of my twins .. now came through case of family turning me against people dat love me and wanted to support my craft .. now @e_adebayor has been one of da number one pillar in my life and career .. to which he has even got disgraced because of me .. to @e_adebayor bro I can never beg u enough or say anything to defend myself ..

I was wrong I should have stop posting when u asked me to .. but I still went ahead to do it .. what I was feeling in me .. with my girls ( my #EllandBella ) not being around me . Only Jehovah can explain .. am sorry @bolarayofficial and @faddick if I dissapointed u .. was really going though a lot .. dat I couldn’t explain for u my ppl to understand .. in all .. I accept my mistake and wanna give my life a second chance .. but just noticed my hommie @e_adebayor just unfollowed me .. pls one day let @e_adebayor .. like he said sometime ago .. bro one day the world will understand our story .. will always be ur number 1 one fan .. no matter what.. ..

I named my children after you for a reason Bro .. you believed in me .. when nobody did .. and I still stand by it .. Friends for life bro ✅🙏✊ .. ready to be a better person 🙏❤️✅✊.”


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