Is Madison Bumgarner Married And Who Is His Wife?

Is Madison Bumgarner Married And Who Is His Wife?

Is Madison Bumgarner Married And Who Is His Wife?

Madison Bumgarner has been one of the most decorated pitchers of his generation. While he may no longer be the elite-level pitcher he once was, he is still a serviceable Major League pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Fans of Madison are yet to verify if of a truth the handsome athlete is married. Below is a fact to that question.

Is Madison Bumgarner Married?

Yes he is. His wife Ali Saunders is Madison’s wife, and she has been an active supporter of Madison’s baseball career since before their February 14, 2010 wedding.

The couple originally met while attending South Caldwell High in Hudson, North Carolina. Bumgarner was starring for the high school team when the two first met, with their relationship quickly beginning after their initial encounter.

Fast-forward to 2010 when the couple decided to tie the knot, at the time of their wedding, the two were just entering their twenties. During the ceremony, he reportedly wore “a white open-collar shirt and blue jeans while carrying a pocketknife.

What Does Madison’s Wife, Ali Saunders Do?

Ali Saunders runs two businesses, one of which is a stylish ceramics store and the other a hat & footwear shop. She sells all the pottery products under an Instagram account @alisaundersceramics. whereas Ali deals with hat business on another Instagram profile @alibswag4440.


During the offseason break from the Arizona Diamondbacks, the couple lives on a farm in North Carolina, about thirty minutes from where he grew up. The couple reportedly has three children: a son and two daughters. However, they are highly private and protective of their family, keeping them out of the limelight, with photos difficult to find online.