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Is Fella Makafui Pregnant?



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Fella Makafui’s latest social media update hints of third person

Fella Makafui has been very active on social media over the past weeks during and after the her break up game with her lover Medikal. She is been updating her all rounds on the social media even her meals.

It is clear she is madly in love after their ‘hyped break up’ as she scarcely post without reference to her AMG man, Medikal.

Few hours ago, she made another update which got all her fans wondering if there is someone to join the squad soon? [a third person of their kind]

fella makafui and medikal

BAECATIONShe wrote: God bless my manb@AmgMedikal ..More blessings Daddy ..We Love you.



It may look coded for some fans who took the tweet for a mere love message but it didn’t take long before an analyst decode her coded message.


What is prayer? Do you believe it is a little Fellamed or it is another game?

In some other news, Nigerians are fighting to get their motorcycles [ OKADA] back on the road, in which a lot of bloodshed is going on.