Surfing the internet few days ago, l came across what l couldn’t believe to be a movie about corona virus – l thought it was a documentary, so the interest to watch it.

This movie titled My Secret Terrius is a Korean / Chinese produced movie about corona virus – it symptoms, means of spread, how it kills etc, perfectly as we experiencing today.

So l asked myself , how come they know all these before time? Are they the creators of the virus? What is the brain behind allowing it to spread across globe when they already know the dangers?

As obvious, am not the first person getting to know this. This is Ghanaian dancehall act Shatta wale’s view about it after posting same ‘video’ few hours ago.

‘..This movie was shot in 2018
Title : My secret Terrius
And the details of how corona virus started
My brother my sister I want to tell you today that there are some people controlling the world we live in today with evil and greed !!!
The have succeeded to spread the virus and now it time for them to make money by selling the vaccine to us ..Becareful out there ….shit is fucken real …this is a movie I have been watching and this popped up and I decide to share …. #Stayathome.

Shatta wale must be right on this one as l also believe there are people behind this virus, about to milk us dry through selling of vaccines at a very high prize.

Watch it below:

Well, do you the meaning of ‘Terrius’? A Latin word meaning ‘ ruler of people’. Indeed, they have a Secret Ruler of People ( Secret Terrius).


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