Tema General Hospital records 18 new HIV cases weekly.

Few days ago, reports from Tema General Hospital indicates that about 1,072 people tested positive for HIV annually.

Mrs Ruth EwuraAdjoa Panford, Principal Physician Assistant at the ART clinc who gave the new updates on the weekly bases, said the hospital 2 clinic days and at least 5 cases are recorded each day.

‘….we have two clinic days in a week and on average on each clinic day which is either Tuesday or Thursday, we get a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 cases each day, she said.

…there are times we get a maximum of 40, 50 or 60 cases in a month, she stressed.

Mrs Ruth revealed that the alarming figures are because Tema General Hospital serve as a referral serving a lot of smaller health faculties, which refers patients to the Hospital.

‘… the numbed doesn’t me all the patients are in Tema and its metropolis but it’s a situation where patients are referred from Ada and other smaller health facilities around the country for proper counselling and health facilities, she revealed.



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