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How To Prevent Weevils From Attacking Your Foodstuffs.



How To Prevent Weevils From Attacking Foodstuffs

Weevils are one of the most annoying insects that can make your life a piece of hell when they infect your kitchen and your grains, they can eat it all up into flour. That is why you need to find ways to prevent them from infesting your kitchen in the first place.

In this article, I’m going to teach you some most effective ways to get rid of these annoying insects from destroying your stored grains. If they have already infected your grains, do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some important tips on how to prevent these household pests from eating your grains.

1. Store in airtight containers: When you store your beans or anything that the weevils feed on in an open container, there is a higher tendency of them getting their way inside and laying their eggs. These eggs will hatch and they will invade your kitchen and start feeding on other stored foodstuff.

2. Use Matchbox: Matchbox is one of the most underused materials we all have in our homes. The matchbox contains sulfur which repels the weevils from your kitchen. Always ensure that you keep the matchbox closer to your grains and weevils will never come closer to it.


3. Use Neem leaves: If you thought neem was only used to treat fever, then you have undermined the abilities of that tree. Putting neem leaves in your kitchen repels weevils from invading the kitchen. You can always leave some neem leaves on your beans to prevent the weevils from coming closer to them.

4. Use cloves, garlic, and ginger: Weevils fear these three common kitchen ingredients than anything. A kitchen that has ginger, cloves, and garlic all around is less likely to be infested with weevils. Weevils don’t go near these ingredients. Cut some gingers and leave it on the floors and lets it begin the magic.

5. Dry in sunlight: in case your beans have already been infested with weevils, it’s not over. You can keep the beans in the sun for some time and the weevils will run out of grains. This is one of the most effective ways of removing already infected grains.

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