How To Log In To Instagram With Facebook

Oh yes, I know you have your Instagram login details saved in your browser or written somewhere to make logging into the photo-sharing app easier but do you know Facebook can do it better, faster, and more secure for you based on the fact that both platforms are run by one company – meta.

To log in to Instagram with Facebook or through Facebook, you must have a Facebook account ready. Note, you cannot access your Facebook in other doings than sharing posts from Instagram and updating public information. What l mean by that is, don’t expect to see your Instagram comment on a shared post on Facebook.

We have already written about how to connect your Facebook account to Instagram to facilitate easier and more secure social media life on these two platforms but in this article, we will talk about how to log in to Instagram with your connected or unconnected Facebook account.

Since Facebook purchased Instagram, they have been twinning with a lot of integrations up to this point where you can share posts from Facebook to Instagram and vice-versa. Refer to our story about that, and connect your account and then, let us hop into how to log in to Instagram with Facebook.

How To Log In To Instagram With Facebook With Facebook Already Connected

1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.

2. Tap on Continue as… ( Your Facebook name is will be displayed in a blue button to continue with. If you have already connected and log in to your Facebook account. )

How To Login Instagram With Facebook

From there, with a single tap on the blue button, you will access your Instagram account. However, your Facebook name will be the same as Instagram. You will have to follow the steps below to change your username.

How To Change Instagram Username.

1. Tap the avatar icon at the bottom right corner of your account and go to your profile.

2. Tap ‘Edit Profile’ to edit your username, bio, website, and other public information.

3. Tap the username field or space to type in your new username and hit ‘Done’.

You are done with your Instagram username.

How To Login To Instagram With Facebook Not Connected.

1. Install the Instagram app and launch it.

2. Tap the ‘Login With Facebook’ blue button to continue ( at this point, you may be requested your Facebook password if you have security formats like double authentication on your Facebook account, just type in your Facebook password).

How To Login To Instagram With Facebook

Your account will be created automatically and given random names to choose from relating to your Facebook name. Proceed and later follow the username changing steps above to use.

And that is how to log in to Instagram with Facebook or through Facebook.

Now, let us look at some frequently asked questions about using Instagram and Facebook linked.

Can You Link Multiple Instagram Accounts To Facebook?

The answer is a big YES! I have three Instagram accounts that are linked to my Facebook account under the same single Instagram login. I only have to switch or toggle between them by tapping and holding the avatar icon ( profile picture ) in the bottom right corner to pop up other accounts and then l choose the one I want to use.

Connecting multiple Instagram account to Facebook is by the same procedure you used in connecting the first one.

Will All Linked Accounts And Facebook Be Lost If One Is Hacked?

I once had this problem but thanks to goodness that l using two-factor authentication on both Facebook and Instagram.

The answer is, by default, your Instagram credentials will be the same as Facebook but with different databases.  Just as you changed your username after logging in with Facebook, it is advisable to change your email and password too. Use the forget password button on your Instagram account and enter a separate mail id and password to avoid compromising both accounts on the day of Robin Hood.

This is why when you are asked to enter your Instagram password and you enter that of Facebook after connecting your account with Facebook, it is always rejected – they have different databases. If you do this or not, when your Instagram account is hacked, the hacker can’t access your Facebook without going through another layer of security challenge on your Facebook account.

I hope this answers your questions on how to log in to Instagram with Facebook or through Facebook and its other questions.

How To Connect Instagram With Facebook