He Is Not My Friend, I Don’t Know Him – Kwadee Fires Lord Kenya

Jerry Anaabaa known in the media circles as Okomfour Kwadee has rebutted Lord Kenya’s claim that his family has threatened to sue the latter for helping him.

The embattled rapper who has struggled with a recurring mental illness was in the news recently as upsetting pictures of him looking all lanky and broken hit the internet.

However, some satisfying news came afterward as it was said that the Efia Nipa wordsmith had been taken to a rehab center with, colleague rapper turned Evangelist, Lord Kenya reportedly leading the rescue.

Kwadee’s mental health issues have become public knowledge as it was alleged that his family had forsaken him in moments of crisis.

The veteran musician in new audio is heard explaining his current situation to a purported family member.

In the audio, he mentioned that a woman named Abena Manu was spreading unfounded stories of how his family had deserted him to the general public.

As a result, he and his family have taken legal action against the woman who apparently is conspiring with Lord Kenya to prevent them from spewing further untruths about him and his family.

He explained that Lord Kenya was in no way his friend and that he had absolutely nothing to do with him.

The rapper who hails from Navrongo in the Upper East Region claimed he was currently living with his family at a place he owns and that they have supported him throughout his crisis.

Again, Kwadee added that the woman by name Abena Manu’s statement that she was the one catering for him and that he lived in her house is a lie.

As to whether Kwadee was indeed telling the truth, manipulated by his family, or having another mental breakdown, we are yet to find out.


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