#FixTheCountry: Demo To Hit Accra, Similar To ‘Kumi Pr3ko’

#FixTheCountry: Demo To Hit Accra, Similar To 'Kumi Pr3ko'
#FixTheCountry: Demo To Hit Accra, Similar To 'Kumi Pr3ko'

Organizers of the #FixtheCountry campaign are planning to stage a demonstration after the successful Twitter campaign.

A few days after the announcement of an increase in fuel prices with accompanying tax, Ghanaians took to Twitter to express their displeasure against the hardship in the country with the hashtag #FIXTHECOUNTRY.

The main concerns identified with the hashtag include poor sanitation, inadequate jobs, tax increases, fuel price increases, unstable power supply, poor roads, etc.

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With over twenty thousand tweets, it appears another section of Ghanaians is opposing the hashtag with a new one, #NANAISFIXINGIT which has over five thousand tweets.

While the hash tag #FIXTHECOUNTRY is highlighting the challenges faced by the country, the hash tag #NANAISFIXINGIT is supporting the current government by indicating some of the work done by the government.

Meanwhile, other hash tags like FIXYOURSELF and FIXYOURATTITUDE have also been introduced to criticize the ill behaviour of some Ghanaians towards the development of the nation.

Speaking on the 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show, Yaw Moses, one of the brains behind the twitter campaign told Host of the Show Alfred Ocansey that a demonstration similar to the “Kumi Preko” which was championed by President AkuAkufo Addo, whose party was then in opposition.

“ We are hitting the street. We are emulating Nana Akufo Addo when he did the Kumi Preko in the late 90’s we are all suffering now. The taxes are too much, we are crumbling under excessive taxes, excessive cost of living, we don’t have water running through our taps and it is our fundamental right to demonstrate. Very soon you will see thousands of youth on the streets and we are not going on the flag of any political party. These are youths who are crying. We don’t have any godmothers to save us, we don’t have a political activity to save us. We are tired and we need housing. You just saw Sagleme housing rotten away and I am here paying for rent every single year are these not heartless leaders? And you are asking me to fix myself.” He queried.


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