ExpressVPN vs NordVPN Which Is The Best?

Talking about online privacy, there are only two VPNs that run the game, Express VPN and NordVPN and the others follow.

Yes, we have written on the best top 10 VPNs that can get the job done for you, so we brought you the boot-to-boot comparisons for expressVPN vs nordVPN – the top two.

Before you sign up for any of these privacy giants, you must consider things like price, security, speed, etc. So we did that summary for you in this article.

Before you patronize any of these two privacy giants’ services, you must be ready to look at their differences in the following areas:

Features Of ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

ExpressVPN NordVPN

Simultaneous Connections

    5   6
 Operating System Apps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire, selected routers Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS, Amazon Fire
Manual install devices Set-top boxes and certain routers. Certain routers and set-top boxes.
Split Tunneling  Yes Only windows
Free-extras Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Browser extensions for Chrome and Safari. Ad and malware blocker.

Streaming And Netflix Comparisons For ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

 TV Service ExpressVPN NordVPN
Netflix More than a dozen libraries ( US, Japan, Australia, and Canada ) More than a dozen libraries ( US, UK, Japan, and Canada)
Hulu US and Japan  US and Japan
Sky Go  Yes Yes
Amazon Prime Video Yes Yes
BBC iPlayer No Yes
ABC Yes No
CBS Yes Yes
NBC Yes Yes
ITV Yes Yes
Channel 4 Yes Yes

Setup And Interface Comparison ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

ExpressVPN NordVPN
Automatic Setup Wizard, It works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Tomato, DD-WRT Routers Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.
Main Location Selection List based Map-based / List-based
Extra Settings Page Yes Yes
Mobile-Friendly Yes Yes

Servers And Performance Comparison ExpressVPN vs NordVPN.

ExpresssVPN NordVPN
Server-based countries 94 countries 59 countries
Number Of Servers 3,000+ Servers 5,200+ servers

As you can see, ExpressVPN has more country-based servers than NordVPN but the later is still having more options in this server network.

NordVPN has a feature that ExpressVPN is yet to have, and that is VPN Chaining ( multi-hop VPN or double-hop VPN). This allows you to have more improved privacy online through chained VPN servers. This means that you are not connected to only one VPN but a lot of them in a layered system. Looking like this: Your PC >> 1st VPN >> 2nd VPN >> 3rd VP >> Internet. This is why NordVPN has more servers than ExpressVPN despite fewer server centers. An applaudable security feature though it may somewhat slow your connection.

This is the list of countries where these top two VPN providers have servers.

ExpressVPN NordVPN
Argentina Argentina
Bahamas Brazil
Brazil Canada
Canada Chile
Chile Costa Rica
Columbia Mexico
Costa Rica United States

The long list cuts into Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East. You can see the full list for NordVPN here and ExpressVPN here

Average Connection Speed Comparison ExpressVPN vs NordVPN


  • North America ( USA ) >>  469Mbps
  • Europe ( UK ) >> 349 Mbps
  • Asia ( HongKong ) >> 299 Mbps


  • North America ( USA ) >> 136 Mbps
  • Europe ( UK ) >> 134 Mbps
  • Asia ( Hong Kong ) >> 136 Mbps

Security Comparison ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

ExpressVPN NordVPN
VPN Protocols OpenVPN, Lightway, L2TP, IKEv2 Open VPN, NordLynx
OpenVPN Data Encryption AES-256. AES-256
OpenVPN Control Channel Encryption RSA-4096 RSA-2048
Cloaking Technology Cipher Block Chaining Obsfproxy
Extra Transmission Protection Multi-hop routes
Leak Protection DNS, WebRTC, IPv6 DNS, WebRTC, IPv6
App Security Desktop Kill Switch Desktop and Kill switch, automatic WIFI Protection, Ad blocking, malware scanning.
DNS Status Private DNS Private DNS

Privacy Comparison ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

Express VPN Nord VPN
HQ Base British Virgin Islands Panama
Connections Some logs collected No logs collected
Activity logs No No
User details for sign up Email address Email address
Anonymous Payment mode Bitcoin Bitcoin, ripple, ethereum

Set up Comparison ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

ExpressVPN NordVPN
Address Location Shared Shared
Static IP address possible No France, The Netherlands, UK, The US, Germany.
DDoS Protection No No
NAT Firewall Yes Yes

Customer Service Comparison ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

ExpressVPN NordVPN
Live Chat Available Available
Ticket Support Available Available
Email Support Available Available
Average email support response team 49mins 3 hours 45 minutes
Phone Support Unavailable Unavailable
Searchable Knowledge Base Available Available
Video Guides Available Available

This is how the two most trusted VPNs stay up to each other in a boot-to-boot comparison by our assessment among other great articles about the topic.

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