Do Not Enter Relationship With Plans Of Getting Married – Lady Says

Do Not Enter Relationship With Plans Of Getting Married - Lady Says

Ghanaian female entrepreneur, Harryboo, has advised that people do not get into relationships with the mindset of going as far as marriage.

One would ask ‘what is the essence of being in a relationship if I don’t have the mindset of going as far as marriage with the person?’ Harryboo, during an interview with Mercy Bee on eTV Ghana’s award-winning Girl Vibes show on the topic ‘Is a long-distance relationship worth it?’ explained the mentality behind her assertion.


“Personally, I’m not a fan of long-distance relationships but we need to remember that every relationship is a risk. Whether it is a long-distance relationship or you live close to each other, there will be problems so you don’t enter a relationship thinking it’s going to end in marriage. It’s one of two things.

Either it ends in marriage or it ends in separation so you can’t have the perception that you’re entering a long-distance relationship hoping to get married. Of course, we all hope to get married at the end of the day but there may be a separation and you’re only going to get hurt if that happens”, she explained.

Per this, she concluded that she cannot encourage or discourage long-distance relationships because no matter how close or far apart two people in a relationship live, relationships are risks and have a 50/50 chance of thriving or breaking. Therefore, it is only best to keep expectations at a minimum to avoid getting hurt.

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