DKB Advises Shatta Wale Over His Car Gift Decision

Derrick Kobina Bonney also known as DKB has thrown a little advise to his social media rival Shatta Wale over his decision to give two of his cars to any two lucky fans of his.

Recently, the African Dancehall King , Shatta Wale made his plans about the x’mas holidays known; gifting two cars, sharing condoms.

However that part of gifting cars didn’t go down well with DBK as he claims that will be a slap on the face for other celebrities who couldn’t gift their fans anything.

He said; the celebrity things is just to make ends meet first so that economic frustration will not catch us. If you dash two cars, you will make us appear irresponsible and careless in the eyes of our fans, this unnecessary pressure. he said.

To cushion the case, DKD jokingly asked Shatta wale to split the cars into pieces so as to get a part to every fan.