Captain Smart And Other #fixthecountry Conveners Hits Grassroots Ahead Of Date

As scheduled to take place at designated centres across the country, Captain Smart has joined hands with some #fixthecountry campaigners to raise awareness of the event come 4th August.

In a video circulating on social media, the ace journalist and another popular activist Akatakyie Afrifa Mensah were spotted chanting ‘ ON THE 4TH, #FIXTHECOUNTRY’ as the patrol areas in and around Obra Spot in Accra.

According to the message being delivered to the masses that gathered, the aim of the upcoming demonstration is not political nor tribal based.

Akatakyie Afrifa made it clear that, if there are other African countries doing better than Ghana when Ghana is actually blessed more than then in natural resources, then the only thing that bothering  Ghana is the bad leadership. Hence the call for everyone to come and register their displeasure on 4th August. Wath the footage below:


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