Can You Use Telegram With No Phone Number?

Yes, you can create and use a telegram with no phone number. And if l say no phone number, l mean your real phone number, for privacy purposes.

Social media usage is now a go-head-out-tail affair where a lot of people fear losing their details to hackers in a minute of mistake or losing guards. So to prevent that in a full breath, they tend to use fake details to create these social media accounts. So should in case they lose it to a hacker, they will not much spoil.

And also, many don’t want their details out there whereby unknown people will call or send them stuffs they never bargained for. For these and many other reasons, many choose to remain 100% ghost on these platforms.

Telegram though having very high privacy and security rank, sends shivers down some users’ spines anytime they ask for a phone number to complete the creation of an account. Do they use these numbers afterward for anything? The answer is a very big NO! After verifying your account with your number, Telegram doesn’t need it for anything anymore. So just while you need the phone number to create it, you don’t need one to use it.

Now, how do you use this Telegram platform without your phone number? This article answers you in a clearer and more detailed form.

With the help of Google Voice, Landline, Burner, Textfree, Text Plus, TextNow, and receive SMS, you can bypass that security layer with a fake temporal number.

Google Voice: Telegram With No Phone Number.

Google Voice is part of your google account so automatically if you just go ahead to register on google voice with your main google account, you are still exposed. So with this, you create a fake Gmail account and use it to get the Google voice number. Below are the steps:

1. Go to your google settings and create a new account.

Can You Use Telegram With No Phone Number?
Create a new account purposely for the Google Voice number. Don’t use your real details

2. Navigate to Google voice and select a number.

3. Use the number you selected to create the telegram account. ( Insert it where they demand your number for verification ). And wait for confirmation.

4. Copy the verification code from the Google Voice window into the Telegram space provided.

5. Confirm your code and continue using your account.

Burner: Telegram With No Phone Number.

With burner phone numbers, it is like hiding behind them to use your actual phone number. When connected to this service, they provide you with a phone number that can be temporal ( free ) or long-term ( at a fee ) for the use of telegram verification and many other things you would want to do without your actual number.

This is how it works. The burner servers receive every text and call directed at your number before redirecting them to you. That means the caller or texter will only see your burner phone number but not your actual number. So if you decide to do away with the number afterward, anybody having access to you through that number, can’t anymore, simple. So you can use it for telegram verification to keep your actual number hidden behind the scene.

Can You Use Telegram With No Phone Number?
Burner Phones

TextNow: Telegram With No Phone Number.

TextNow is texting and calling app that allows you to have a virtual number that you can use just like your actual number. You can use it for authentication calls and texts.

1. TextNow is downloadable from the play store. 

2. Install and launch the app, after launching, select your free number among the 5 free numbers that will be generated when you insert your area code.

3. Use the selected number for Telegram verification to keep your anonymity on the platform.

TextNow is not available worldwide, so in case you are reading this from one of those countries, don’t panic. Other alternatives are good as well.

Can You Use Telegram With No Phone Number?
TextNow free number

TextFree: Telegram With No Phone Number.

Textfree also works perfectly just like above-listed if you are looking for ways to remain anonymous with your details on telegram.

Get the app on your iOS, Android, or laptop and insert your area code for the best numbers.

Select one and begin texting ( for free ) and calling ( affordable fees ).

You can use the number for Telegram texts and call verification. Type the code sent into the space provided by Telegram and you are good to go.

Can You Use Telegram With No Phone Number?

Landline: Telegram With No Phone Number.

Landlines don’t receive text messages. That is obvious. So how do you use a landline to verify your telegram?

Well, Telegrams offers you the chance to choose between call or text messages when they want to verify you. So instead of text message as we discuss in other options above, choose call and insert your landline.

Note: This will take up to 2 minutes for Telegram to call your landline.

When they call come through, listen attentively for a code that will be mentioned repeatedly. Use the close to verify your Telegram account. Telegram With No Phone Number.

This is an online service where you can get a temporary phone number to text. Their service is a burner phone number but only texting and voicemail and since telegram mostly requires texts, this could be your best option.

Their service is free and non-permanent and also doesn’t require any verification from them to use the number.

So, therefore, as soon as you register and pick your number, you can go ahead and receive Telegram verification SMSs on it.

Activate Two-Factor authentication On Telegram

Apart from all the points above to help you remain a ghost on telegram, there is Two-factor authentication that you must not forget to turn on on your Telegram after using any of the steps above or even your actual number.

Make Sure To Delete Your Account

If you use any of these burner numbers to verify your telegram account, be smart enough to delete it when you finally decided on not using it anymore. This is because those numbers get rolled back into the pool of numbers for users to select and should someone pick the number you used in creating your Telegram, be reality is that he or she will find your account and access your conversation. So make sure you delete your account.

These are the ways you can create and use a telegram with no phone number. Have you used any other way that is not listed here? Let us know in the comments. Thanks.

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