Bulldog Uncovers The Main Reason Of Sacking Militants

On actress Nana Ama McBrown’s United showbiz show, Shatta wale’s manager Bulldog has revealed the main reason why Shatta wale fired his militants.

Prior to Bulldog’s reaction to the ongoing unrest in shatta movement camp, Bulldog revealed that he never like the fact that Shatta wale signed a lifetime contract with the militants.

According to the him, the don’t like planting before the harvest – that is to say they don’t like spending much time in the studio which is their workplace but rather fancy strolling in town and clubs. He further sated that, he would have sacked the so called militants years ago if he had his own way.

Talking about the contract and the future of the militants under the Shatta Movement umbrella, Bulldog revealed that, everybody working in the Shatta Movement camp has a lifetime contract, thus their slogan: 4LYF is for 4LYF. This implies that the militants may be on their way back to the Shatta Movement camp soon but one condition that they conform to the ethics of the camp/movement.