Bomb In Winners Chapel In Kaduna.

Suspect caught in Kaduna branch of Winners chapel with bomb says he thought the explosives [ bomb] were decoratives.

Samuel Nathaniel went into the chapel with a bag of explosives [ bomb ] and claims he thought the bag contains a ornament as it was given to him a woman named grace.

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samuel holding the boMB after arrest

This is his story;

I went to the congregation toward the beginning of the day at about past 8 am, so while I was seating down, I was listening to the lesson from the man of God. Out of nowhere I had a stomach hurt, so I chose to proceed to utilize the toilet.

” when I came into the congregation I was holding a pack which contained a portion of my things, a portion of my documents because a day before that day, I went for an occasion at Ngwamboro, Sabo.

“We got it from the occasion through a woman name is Grace; when she offered it to me, I never recognized what the gadgets were until after my sack was looked through that I found what is inside.

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samuel in polIce car after arrest

He also insist that after the Police searched through the bag, they found no bomb but only fireworks for decoration.

‘..However, at the long time ago run, when they talked with me at the police headquarters, they found they are not explosives; they are minor firecrackers for design.” 

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BOMBER Arrested

Speaking on the arrest after talks with the suspect, DSP Yakubu Yabo revealed that the young man was planning of causing a disaster at the church before he was arrested by the vigilant security personnels

‘…This suspect carried into that congregation with his sack and put his sack under a seat. From there on, he went into a bathroom and remained there for over 60 minutes.

“This gave the arrest by some church members that were watching administration and drew the attention of the police officers giving security at the congregation that later came in and went directly to the bathroom to bring him out.

“On enquiry, he affirmed to the police officers that the things in the sack are his personal belongings and on a closer look, the items were believe to be explosives.

“The police is as yet examining and whatever the result of the examination, we will tell the world and do the needful.

“Wrongdoing is no respecter of religion, people, clan and whatever a social alliance; a criminal is constantly a crook. We ought to consistently focus on the demonstration not the character of the individual in question.”

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