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Blogger Fires At NAM1 Critics, Customers React.



Blogger Fires At NAM1 Critics, Customers React. 6 » Best Tech News, Gadgets, FinTech and Telco news.

Nana Mensah Appiah has reportedly started paying his customers according to his promises but some people can’t believe until they set hands on theirs.

On the 18th December, NAM1 paid a number of his customers with his assets still froZen at by the court, however some people are still ‘cursing’ the MENZGOLD CEO as they wait for they tun to cash out.

A blogger by the name Gh Kwaku doesn’t share the same feeling as he came to the defense of the troubled CEO.

He wrote: This man Nana Appiah Mensah is doing the most… He started paying his customers as he promised on Friday. I’ve personally seen comments on social media stating he’s paid just two people, some too say 10 people etc but it’s laughable to see these things.


The negativity is allowed but this is just pure comedy.Logically, he’s not even supposed to be paying until the court process is done and this can go as high as the Supreme Court before this case can be over and you’re looking at so many years before one person can get paid. He has and is going out of his way to pay customers even with his accounts and assets frozen.

Sometimes let’s just be reasonable. Menzgold customers, we understand it’s not been easy, we all traded gold with menzgold and so we felt the heat too but there are better days ahead and it started on Friday.

The first batch(You can’t imagine how much was involved) which started with the people who traded gold and didn’t get a dime before the issues started and the next set would follow, there’s an urgency to it and NaNa Appiah is dedicated and committed to sort these issues out.

Let’s pray for the young Genius and stop the hate. The hate has not stopped him and won’t stop him from bouncing back even harder in 2020. He’s been back for just 5 months after all the struggles in Dubai and troubles from our own people. He’s here with us, he’s not going anywhere.

The insults and negativity is not doing you any good. If he decides to stop and wait on the court’s final ruling, Charle we’re all “forked”, so let’s kindly have patience and trust the process.


He will sort this out. It’s not been easy for customers and NAM knows and it’s still his main objective to put smiles on your faces so he can also continue his projects. Let’s pray for more life🙏 . Them dey report everything but silent on when he started paying people. Funny bomboclat people.

The statement didn’t get down well with some of the customers who are still awaiting their money. Screenshots below:

Blogger Fires At NAM1 Critics, Customers React. 7 » Best Tech News, Gadgets, FinTech and Telco news.

Blogger Fires At NAM1 Critics, Customers React. 8 » Best Tech News, Gadgets, FinTech and Telco news.

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