Best Ways To Get YouTube Subscribers Faster 2022

I will keep this very simple. How to get youtube subscribers is a battleground for every young vlogger or content creator on YouTube out there and that is because of some little things they rate as petty.

Youtube channels, though mostly used for vlogging, should be created with precision and target viewers from the word ‘go’. That is just one tip. Let me elaborate and give you more on how to get YouTube subscribers faster in 2022 and beyond.

How To Get YouTube Subscribers.

1. Mapping Of YouTube Channel

Just like the mapping of blog websites, youtube channels can and must be mapped to facilitate easy discovery by the audience hence subscription.

Mapping A Youtube channel as l call it,  has more to do with putting some popular words in the account settings than using these words in the video description as hashtags.

You can do this by clicking on Customize channel >> Settings >> Channel >> Basic info. Now, in the Basic info tab, put in words related to your niches like your niche’s keywords, your location, and even your name.

You can continuously tweak these words to suit the direction in which your channel is growing.

What youtube mapping in this form does is give you an authority in that niche, YouTube will suggest more of your videos to viewers typing in those keywords.

Therefore, the answer to the question of whether to put hashtags in the description of the YouTube channel is ‘No’. But rather put it in the basic info section of the account.

2. Making Use Of Power Playlist

YouTube playlist is just a cluster of videos put together. Anybody can make a playlist on YouTube.

A power playlist requires the viewer to watch the complete cluster to get the full concept of what the content is preaching. The complete playlist carries the full outcome.

And as the viewer watches one after the other, make sure the ‘subscribe’ call-to-action – well explained below – keeps on ringing.

3. Make Longer Videos.

The ideal length of a Youtube video is between 10 to 15 minutes. But from 13 minutes up tends to yield more results. Bear in mind it only needs to belong as long as it needs to be. Do not excess-talk the video into 13 minutes or more, you may end up driving viewers away.

Note: Longer videos rank better on YouTube search based on about 8 metrics of the platform’s algorithms. For example, if your long video gets more dislikes ( thumbs down )  than likes (thumbs up), there is no way it will rank just based on the fact that it is long.

4. Engage Viewers In The Comment Section.

Youtube has removed the direct message button from the web and app of their platform so the only way most consumers on Youtube tend to commune with content creators is in the comment section.

Doing this doesn’t only help your Youtube algorithm but also make viewers feel valued and hence keep coming back to your channel which eventually leads a chunk of them to subscribe to your channel – this is according to YouTube internal data.

This is one of the easiest ways to get YouTube subscribers faster.

Devoting an hour or two to answer questions on your content on YouTube will help you stand out on the list of viewers as most YouTubers do not pay attention to this.

5. Always Add Youtube Brand Watermark.

YouTube Brand watermark allows viewers to subscribers to channels from within the video they are watching.

Best Ways To Get YouTube Subscribers Faster

Many content creators rather put in their logo instead of the Youtube logo but l will advise you to use the Youtube Brand Watermark.

A tip: When setting up your Brand watermark, let it run through the video unlike putting it at the tail end of the video.  This is the best way to set a YouTube brand watermark.

6. Upload Quality Videos

Quality works best on YouTube over quantity.

I have  3 YouTube channels – one mediation channel and two news channels. The meditation channel is the latest l created and fewer videos ( 9 ) but with most subscribers ( 22k ) compared to my news channels created far back in 2019 with more than 100 ( mostly shorts ) with 19k subscribers altogether.

Uploading videos on Youtube without working on their quality doesn’t guarantee YouTube success ( on YouTube, it is quality over quantity ).

7. Refer to Next Videos In End Screen.

Niche-based content creators have their viewers watch up to 3 or 4 videos per head on their channel. Why is that?

That is because the videos are interrelated and watching more of them can help you understand more about the topic. But how do you do that? By referring to or promoting videos on your end screen.

Allocate 6-10 secs and the end of your video to tell your audience which video to watch next to have a full grasp of the topic, then use YouTube end screen editor to embed a link to that video.

That is all.

7. Write The Best Channel Description

Well-detailed YouTube channel description is part of the YouTube channel mapping I spoke about in step one above. Throw in a few keywords about your niche.

Write The Best Channel Description
Compare these two descriptions. Which one makes you lunge for the subscribe button more? Surely, the first one.

A good youtube channel description includes; what the channel is about, important info such as upload schedule, and a strong call to action to subscribe. Check the template below.

Write The Best Channel Description

8. Make Call To Action To Subscribe At The End Of Videos.

Every content creator does this but make yours outstanding.

Steve Harvey’s YouTube channel is the best example of this. No wonder he has more than 6 million subscribers and still growing speedily.

Steve always has a 10 secs video at the end of his videos telling viewers not to leave without subscribing to his channel to watch more intriguing videos.

Try it, don’t just say it in a flash and move on. Tell the viewers how important their subscription matters to you and watch your channel grow.

9. ‘Heart’ Comments

Hearting comments make the users feel loved and special even if you can’t reply to them. You can do both.

And those hearted comments are highlighted.

Now, anytime a creator hearts a comment, YouTube sends a special notification to the person, and according to YouTube, people who receive heart notifications are 3 times more likely to return to your channel by clicking on the notification.

Hearts Comments

10. Pin Most Important Comments

Comments rate your content on YouTube aside from its role in algorithms.

Many people tend to read comments as a way to assure themselves of the genuineness of the content and the channel while they watch.  Therefore pinning the most important comments gives your viewers the shortcut to the assurance they need to watch your video to the end.

And you can trigger more subscriptions by the type of comments you pin.

11. Embed YouTube Videos In Blog Posts

Embedding YouTube links into your blog post is a huge untapped means of getting more views and likely subscribers.

This is because, before anyone clicks on your blog post, he is in search of information and willing to learn, hence he liked what you put out there. So putting in links to videos you’ve made relating to the text article increases your views and higher probability of pressing the subscribe button.

12. Sharing YouTube Links To Social Media Pages And Groups.

Share your content links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram stories, etc.

But that doesn’t guarantee to make a success there, this is because social media platforms are now burying posts that take people from their platforms to other platforms. Yes, they want to keep people on their platform too.

So, the right way is to post a snippet ( 30 – 40 secs ) of your video content on these social media platforms and paste the link to the full video as a number comment in the comment section.

According to, Facebook native videos have a 477.76% share rate compared to YouTube.

Sharing YouTube Links To Social Media Pages And Groups

So, making use of your social media pages and groups this way helps in announcing your presence hence getting views and the subscription from those who love your stuff.

And also, according to the business Purchase Funnel, brand awareness plays the top major role in converting your viewers or fans into customers ( in this case, subscribers). You may like to say YouTube channel is not a business venture but trust me until you treat your channel as one, you will see no success

13. Optimise Your ‘Subscriber Magnet’

YouTube Subscriber Magnet is that particular video that brought you more subscribers to your channel.

Optimize in terms of making the best use of.

You can find that video in your Analytics >> See More.

After you find that video, this is what you are to do:

  • Use it as your End Screen
  • Start it on your resource playlist
  • And if you want to promote a video on YouTube, use that video.

This video already has a proven record of getting you more subscribers so, putting across a lot of people surely increases your chances of getting more subscribers.

14. Use An Awesome Icon Or Logo

Employ the service of a graphic designer for a good icon or logo for your channel. It must be a high resolution.

Use a good shot of yourself showing your face ( best is a headshot )  if it is a personal channel. But it is a company channel, you need the designer for the best work.

Use An Awesome Icon Or Logo
Steve Harvey uses his mustache face design and name

The difference is an icon must be identifiable with you or something your channel is about while a logo must be something very new in the market and the same time, known for your brand only.

Use An Awesome Icon Or Logo
SuperSport with an awesome logo

15. Optimise Videos For More Watch Time.

The more your content gets watched, the more it ranks on YouTube. In other words, the more you keep people on YouTube, the more your content surfaces in YouTube search.

Watch time is a very important factor in  YouTube SEO.

Optimizing content for more watch time shouldn’t be complicated or too fancy.

By the use of Pattern Interrupt ( a psychological term that means to grab and divert someone’s thought about something into your desired direction), you grab your viewers’ attention by interrupting the natural flow of your video.

On YouTube, Pattern Interrupt is achieved by using graphics, jokes, jump cuts camera angles, etc. Watch WhoIsTheBoss video below for example

16. Present A Well Organised Channel

As a beginner, many people are likely to bounce off your page in under 1 minute due to how your channel is organized. So you must get it right from day 1.

The professional presentation of your channel can gain up 5x more subscribers than a channel looking bland and unprofessional.

How do you do that? You can hire a designer to get your arts, logo, or icons right for you, then you organised your contents so the best ( trailer and subscriber magnet ) appear at the top.

You can use the template below to guide yourself in setting up an organized Youtube channel page.

Best Ways To Get YouTube Subscribers Faster 2022 1 » Tech And Scholarship Updates

Bonus Point: You can also use Reddit and Quora to gain subscribers by answering questions in regards to contents you have on your channel and then dropping the links in your answers.

These are 17 ways on how to  get YouTube subscribers faster and easy with less stress and no money spent.

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