What Are The Best Free Online Law Courses With Certificates 2022?

Laws apply to everything we do as humans, enrolling in any of these free online law courses with certificates, puts you on a better grounding where you know yourself, what you rightfully deserve as well as what you are up to in whatever endeavor you find yourself.

The study of law has always been tagged as difficult and arcane with a lot of law ‘jargons’ in Latin that nobody understands, and also, that those who study law are bound to find themselves in careers such as lawyer, paralegal, solicitor, barrister or judge. Fortunately, those are now archaic stories.

You need these free online law courses with certificates to be successful in journalism, politics, policy-making, media, and even businesses. If you happen to be an artist who writes songs or screenplay, you need the knowledge about copyrighting so no one uses your content for free without paying you. If you are an investor, you need to know about patent filling so no one uses your ideas. The list goes on and on.

This article presents you with the right free online law courses with certificates that stand you in good stead with employers as legal training implies you are grounded in logic, ethics, discipline, attention to detail, fairness, honesty, and justice.

Best Free Online Courses At Harvard University For All Students 2022

Best Free Online Law Courses With Certificates

What Are The Best Free Online Law Courses With Certificates 2022?

Introduction To Confidential Information And Remedies:

Confidential information refers to any information that can be protected by a covenant. This course interacts with the law patent in a way that it is capable of protecting any information relating to an invention up until the time a patent application is filed. Under this course, you will also learn about Geographical indication [GI] which is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin.

Legal Office Administration

This is one of the best free online law courses with certificates that explains the various degrees of ethical practices required to work in administration in legal practice. This entails certification for paralegals, the law of office, billing, preparing legal documents, litigation, contracts, torts, criminal law and procedure, family law, business law, real estate, etc, with their sub-subjects.

Introduction To IMO And Codes

This free online course also explains the development of international conventions and the requirements for a flag state. This course entails the operation of IMO and IMO codes and their sub-subjects.

U.S Citizenship And American Civics

This course falls under the teaching and academics category where you will get better insight into the process of primary elections and the electoral college system. The modules entail electoral colleges, primaries and caucuses, deficit and debt ceiling, government’s financial condition, social security, SOPA and PIPA

Introduction To Legal Concepts

Under the teachings and academics category, this free online course teaches about the fundamental principles of legal concepts including courts, trials, laws, crime, and legal terminologies. The modules that make up the course are courts, crime, and controversy, law and crime, state courts, arrest to arraignment, appellate courts, trials and juries, and legal terminology.

Government Economic Policy – Introduction

Under the category of business, the government economic policy course gives you the basics of the course at the introductory level. The modules are monetary policy and the federal reserve and the study of fiscal policy.

Maritime Watch-Keeping And Rules Of The Road – Introduction

Under the teaching and academics category, this is one of the free online law courses with certificates that take through applying the collision regulation rules, and how to guide vessels at sea. Modules are knowledge of the collision regulation and visibility of vessels.

ILO Conventions And Maritime Law – Introduction

Business category – This course covers the structure of ILO conventions, the importance of maritime law, and seaworthiness. The modules are ILO and Maritime conventions and admiralty laws and maritime zones.

Intellectual Property And Intangible Economy – Introduction

Business category – This free online course on intellectual property rights play a very important role in protecting investments in intangible assets. Th modules that made up the course are; basic of intellectual property and intangible economy.

Diploma In Intellectual Property

Business category – This course will take you through the knowledge you need in intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. The modules include intangible economy, patents 1 & 2, trademarks, copyrights, confidential information, enforcement, and remedies, managing intellectual properties, managing intellectual properties at universities, intellectual property in the creative and entertainment industry, and many more.

Copyright In Media

Teaching and academics category: This free online law course teaches about all types of copyright in the world and how copyright laws impact the media. The course modules are ownership of contents and software, and copyrights.

These are the best of the lot among free online law courses with certificates – you will be awarded a certificate of proof after your studies – that teach you everything about the law that you need to survive ad succeed in a business or career.

Best Free Online Courses At Harvard University For All Students 2022