5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Human Immune System is like natural antivirus in your system that fight and remove infections which get into your system.

Pills and potions are not the only ways of boosting the immune system but there are natural healthier ways to boost it. Especially in the face of this corona virus.

1. Get Outside

Spending time with nature. Going to natural reserves where you can seat and admire or take light exercises with nature can boost your immune system. Odd right? This is according to university of Illinois meta analysis of more than 21 studies.

2. Skip some meals

This is more or less a light fasting. Sometimes the system need this to regenerate crucial immune cells and prevent the system from damage. This study is from USC in 2014

3. Be social

Do you know that hugs, laughter, kiss ( chic ), hanging out with love ones can reduce the rate at which you infections work in your system by one third % ? Yes of course, but with high caution in this time of corona virus.

This is from Carnegie Mellon study in 2014.

4. Meditate

A 2016 Texas Tech University study reported that a meditation modality called Integrative Mind-Body Training can significantly improve your immune function. Some religions call this Yoga. It is like giving your physical self and spiritual self time to connect, communicate and repair.

5. Fruits

This needs no much explanation as it’s very obvious the natural nutrients fruits contain that help in repairing the immune system. Have you ever received a doctor advise to take in enough coconut juice? Well, that is just an example.

Laugh More

Loma Linda University has found that laughing a lot helps in production of anti-bodies and activate protective mechanisms like T-cells and ‘natural killer ‘ cells