S*x Depreciates A Person, Package Yourselves Well – Man Advises Slay Queens

Most men Don’t love your s*x, They Simply Want To Use You.
Many a time I’ve seen or overheard many ladies makes or discussed this silly mistake, they so much assumed that men so much love s*x and because of that, they will show the men by giving them s*x and consume all their money. Oh noh, my ladies, they can only eat you and not the money.

Look at how they bang you with no respect when you finally entered their beds. That is no sign of loving someone or a sign of promising future [ marriage ]

You can finish but money will not, don’t think that these flirts they are flaunting behind you because they need s*x, if it was s*x they need,they would have preferred to marry you and have the s*x every night, but have you asked yourself why you gave them occasional Best of Sex but they never married you?

It’s because their agenda wasn’t s*x but to use you, when I say use you I mean to depreciate you, for sex depreciates a person, yes, haven’t you after all discovered that their monies are still there yet it’s you that’s finishing?

Okay, before you hurl me insults on me, reason it out please and turn the reality of life for once, denounced it and come out of it, avoid this slaying life and prepare yourself for a Royal Home and see how Your King will locate you but in a while!

Every responsible man desires a Kingdom or an empire but the kingdom don’t inhabits Slayers but Royalties, package yourselves lovelies, responsible in your approach, character and function, don’t you realized that after many slayings, outings and chopping. you keep aging out while Johnny come, Johnny go?

Let the guy understand that what you want is not their money and I bet you, you’ll see them give you the right thing, I still remained your Beloved Bro, your voice and your advocate, love you all,thanks.

In some other news, Nana Addo has declared that Ghana’s foodstuff prizes is currently the lowest in 20 years.

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