4 Years Long Relationship Of Youtubers Kiki And Jay Ends In Tears

Popular Ghanaian lovers, Kiki and Jay, who attained fame on social media for loving the hell out of themselves are calling it quits for reasons yet unknown after the latter went live to break the news.

The young lovers became stars in their own right after serving the internet with one of the best relationship goals content that ever came out from Ghana. The lovers were YouTubers as well with over 50,000 subscribers across the globe because when it comes to love, they’ve done it all with a PDA and assurance thick as thick

Sadly, Kiki has tearfully announced that his four-year affair with Jasmine who recently moved to Canada has ended because she has dumped him.

Kiki confirmed the split in a new video uploaded to his new individual YouTube page. Breaking down into tears after reading the breakup text from Jasmine, he said “ I want you guys to know I didn’t break up with her, she broke up with me … It was hard for me, she was all I had, I really don’t have anyone it was just her and probably my mum”

Wiping off his tears in the video that has gotten people talking on Ghana Twitter, therefore seeing his name pick the top trend even ahead of BBNaija’s new season, he added that “what hurts the most is after like being together for like 4 years, you send me a f*&king text message to break up with me, who does that“.

Kiki did not state what caused the breakup as he says that he does know why Jay is dumping him even though he admitted that there’s more to it in the video below which he titles “I got dumped after 4 years”

Nevertheless, these isn’t the first time the entangled love pair have hit social media with their break up stories, hence, some Tweeps believe this can be another prank. See the tweets below of how Twitter users who know the couple are reacting to their split news.

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